“We compared the top 5-bike hitch mount bike racks to come up with the best value rack that performs a heavy task perfectly well”

This Allen Premium 555RR is a no frills bike rack that is rock solid, simple to install, simple to use, and transports 5 bikes up to 175 lbs in weight with ease. And that’s no mean feat!

Having researched many bike racks and listened to masses of customer feedback this Allen bike rack has an average 4.5 out of 5 stars from 33 Amazon customer reviews which tells you the carrier is popular with the people who really count, customers.

We have researched this product and taken care to learn about why it offers the user such good value.

Is the Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack all that it’s cracked up to be?

To begin with it’s worth mentioning that 5 bikes is a lot of bicycle weight to transport and it’s a lot of expense and potential disaster if they come off in a pile. Getting that number of bikes onto a car roof isn’t feasible so the only option is the back of the vehicle.

Arguably, the most solidly attached bike racks are hitch mounted, which is a vital feature with that number of bikes. Well so far so good, it’s the best bike rack type to be able to cope, so the question is, does it?

Getting attached is the key!

allen premium 5-bike hitch mount bike rackIt fits a 2” hitch receiver and that’s it, so you either need to have one or you need to get one, if you want hassle free 5 bike transporting.

Installation is perfectly quick and simple, according to Allen in less than 5 minutes. Watch the video to check this out, but hitch mount racks are definitely the simplest to install.

The hitch insert is simply bolted to the bike frame post and then the carry arm assembly is bolted to the post (all bolts included). That’s it for the rack assembly, then the hitch insert slides into the hitch receiver and is secured using the included wobble free bolt, making sure to completely tighten the bolt which takes away the possibility of any wobble.

And that’s it, just load your bike and drive away. Simple, safe and secure. Allen Bike Racks describe this as “Great value, superior quality and easy to use, it’s so simple…” and know what? We have to agree, they are spot on! We think that at this price point they are offering better value and quality than just about anything else.

Allen 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2” Receiver) Installation Video:

The Allen Premium model vs Deluxe model (what’s the difference?)

The premium has new quick release levers which make it easier to raise and lower the bike carry arms.

The pop-up pin on the tilt away design of the premium rack keeps the rack locked in position. If you have the bikes loaded on the rack, this pop-up pin makes it much easier to tilt the loaded bike rack away from the hatch / tailgate for quick convenient access into the rear of the vehicle.

Premium racks have the locking loop built onto the base of the rack which allows you to lock your bikes to the solid bike rack with greater ease and better security.

Video shows you the difference between the premium v deluxe:

This is a functional, does what it ‘says on the tin’ bike rack. It isn’t fancy looking, it doesn’t have all the ‘bells and whistles’ features of more expensive bike racks. But what it does do is carry up to a huge weight of 175lbs of bikes, safely and securely without any problem mile after mile after mile…! And that is worth a great deal to any user.

Will it do anything clever?

allen premium 555rr hitch mount bike rackWe have to say that the Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Rack does most of the things you want to see from a bike rack.

It has two folding carry arms that cleanly drop down out of the way when not in use which is much more convenient for parking and reversing.

The rack now has a pop-up pin that makes it easy to lock in place and also release the bike rack tilt away system. When released the bike rack tilts away from the back of the vehicle. The bikes don’t have to be unloaded to do this, which allows the hatch / tailgate to open and gain access through the back. This is far more convenient than having to remove bikes or the bike rack altogether. Getting into the back of the vehicle this easily is good news and makes life easier.

allen premium 5-bike hitch mount rackThe Allen patented soft touch tie-down grip system safely secures each individual bicycle to the bike frame without any bike sway and ensure no damage to loaded bikes or vehicle.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Allen Bike Racks:

Dick Allen was a highly qualified Harvard educated physicist working on space technology research. Back in 1967 Government cutbacks ensued and he was out of a job. Taking up the challenge that faced him he started a little business making bicycle racks in his own small garage. Why? Because he was a cycling enthusiast and felt the bike market at the time wasn’t really satisfying the needs of his and his family to transport a family load of bikes on vacation safely and securely. He decided to solve the problem of tangled up string and often scratched car himself, thinking that there was a gap in the market that had real possibilities.

Inventing and then tweaking and improving on his prototype Allen’s first trunk mounted rack was a success, and as a result Allen Bike Racks was begun. In just 4 years Allen Bike Racks were being successfully sold throughout the whole of the USA through some major national bicycle distributors. What started from a home-garage is now a multi-national business operation selling all around the world.

A long road to travel

We like to think a bike rack is for life not just for Christmas! It should give you years of loyal service. So for all manufacturers’ out there, if you want to boost your customers’ confidence in your products then back your product for life. Now we call that reasonable, and that is what Allen bike racks gives you, total peace of mind with their lifetime warranty.

Allen Bike Racks back their rack with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Bike Rack Test: Allen Premium 555RR

The 7 essential ‘components’ that go into making a good bike rack:

1. Quick and simple to install –
Really easy to assemble, install and attach.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
2. Attaches very snugly –
Good locking hitch attachment that is rock solid and secure.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
3. Quick and easy to load and unload bikes –
Very easy to load and unload bikes, easy access to lift bikes on at the back and simple to tie bikes down. Nothing to go wrong.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
4. Loading system that fits a variety of bike frames and bike sizes –
Simple to attach all sorts of bike sizes and frames. The arms aren’t too cumbersome to fit on small bike frames (the smaller kids frame inner triangle fits). Better to use a bicycle cross-bar adaptor if the frame doesn’t have a top tube.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
5. Secure 2x locking system –
Can lock the rack to the vehicle at the hitch and there is a cable to lock all the bikes onto the rack for good security.
Component Grade 8/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
6. Designed to stop damage –
You need to use a bungee cord or velcro soft wraps to prevent the front wheels from twisting, they secure the front wheel and frame together. Although you need to buy these as an extra it simplifies the support arms from being overly cumbersome.
Component Grade 7/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
7. Anti-road vibration technology –
The anti-wobble locking hitch pin does a good job to stop the rack rattling, plus rubberized ties cut out bike frame vibration.
Component Grade 7/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]

The Bike Rack Test Grades – Allen Premium 555RR 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Essential components Research includes:
Features; Manufacturer Marketing Literature; Customer comments, Review site, User reviews
Grade – 1 to 10 (Pass is 7)
[1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
1. Easy installation Extensive information available 9
2. Solid Attachment Extensive information available 10
3. Easy bike loading / unloading Extensive information available 10
4. Fits many bike sizes & frames Extensive information available 9
5. Secure 2 locking system Extensive information available 8
6. Damage prevention design Extensive information available 7
7. Anti-vibration technology Extensive information available 7
    Total grade: 60

Passes every component (scored 7 and above). Total grade of 60 out of 70.

It’s nice to know what people think! …

Allen Bike Racks: Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Pros: Cons:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rock solid
  • Good value for money for a solid 5 bike rack
  • 5th inside bike is close to back of vehicle, so care needed when loading

Any Complaints?

Not too much to complain about, apart from it’s heavy when fully loaded to release and tilt the bike rack away from the tailgate on your own.

That speaks for itself really, up to 175lbs of bikes plus the rack will be pretty heavy, but the good news is, they are held safe and secure when this is done and surely if you are carrying 5 bikes there is someone on hand to give a bit of help.

When 5 bikes are loaded the nearest to the back of the vehicle can be quite close so a bit of care is needed to make sure it’s loaded properly and has enough clearance, a bungee cord or velcro soft wraps securing the bike frame and wheel together solves this.

If it’s a 5 bike rack you are looking for our conclusion is the Allen Premium hitch rack offers quality, ruggedness, durability and value. It delivers secure bike transportation and that’s pretty important with 5 precious bikes attached at the back.

We have researched a lot of online reviews carefully. The feedback and ratings are as follows:

***** 4.5 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews, and this is unquestionably very impressive genuine customer feedback, and it’s a good indication as to why this bike rack is a winner.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

We continue to monitor the pricing online for this Allen Premium bike rack, and the best price on the net is always Amazon, which gives you peace of mind because they are a reliable online seller. Go to Amazon to buy this Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Rack, they offer the most competitive price online. Bear in mind because it’s a top rack at such a good value, it often sells out, so if you need a 5 bike carrier, don’t miss out if you see they have some in stock.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack?

Get reviews from people who have bought and use the bike rack, read them at Amazon. Click here to read more customer reviews.