“Excellent value for money for a rack that offers fantastic flexibility”

A couple of options with 2 + 2

The Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider is set up as a 2 + 2 rack which offers great flexibility from the start. In other words fix the rack to carry just 2 bikes or simply add the 2 bike attachment to turn it into a stable 4 bike carrier. This is quick and easy to do. We have to say this is a neat feature so let’s have a look at what else this bike rack has to offer.

hollywood hr1400 sport rider 4-bike platform hitch rack

Getting fixed up!

For starters we have found that the Hollywood HR1400 securely fits just about any size and style of bike for genuine carrying flexibility. The way the wheel trays adjust and the padded top arms clamping system allow you to fix any shape and size, from road to mountain bikes and from full size men’s and ladies to small kid’s bikes. No matter whether the bike has a horizontal top tube or a ladies bike without a top tube the bike can be securely attached to the platform.

The rack fits into a 2″ hitch receiver only, and when it isn’t being used the whole of the rack folds up neatly against the back of the vehicle to make parking easier.

Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack Installation/Instructional Video:

The Hollywood HR1400 is a serious heavy duty bike rack for secure bicycle transporting, unloaded and assembled for 4 bikes it weighs a total of 85 lbs.

hollywood hr1400 sport rider se locking pinThe sport rider 4 includes a locking hitch pin, a 9-ft security cable and it incorporates a simple hitch tightening cable.

The bikes wheels sit in wheel trays which can be adjusted to be the same width apart as the bike’s wheels. Each wheel is strapped in with simple adjustable Velcro straps for safer attachment to the rack.

Fitting Tip: Place the center of gravity of the bikes in line with the center of the bike rack to optimize carrying stability.

Getting hooked up!

There is a hook for each bike which slides up and down the vertical centre arms.

hollywood hr1400 sport rider 4-bike platform hitch rack reviewThe hook has rubber padding to clamp the bike down securely and prevent any chance of damage to your bikes.

This type of clamping system has the benefit of being flexible enough to clamp nearly every shape and size of bike to the rack. 4 completely different types of bikes can easily be safely fixed to this rack, even those bikes that have extremely thick frames.

Bikes can be unloaded without any fuss because each hook can easily be raised to unload each bike by pressing the lever on the back of the hook which releases the ratchet and the hook slides up and away from the bike frame.

Parking with ease!

hollywood hr1400 sport rider se platform hitch bike rackWhen the bike rack is unloaded but you still want it attached to the back of your vehicle, the rack can be very easily be folded up with one simple adjustment to make it neater behind the vehicle, which makes parking or fitting it into your garage easier.

Also the centre arms fold down and the platform swings down and away from the back of your car so that it’s quick and straightforward to get into the back of the car through the hatch or tailgate, which of course is an added benefit.

The rack is definitely a solid construction, built to last and there is a threaded pin that screws into the hitch to stop the rack from swaying when you are driving and carrying bikes.

What was the inspiration behind Hollywood Bike Racks?

Hollywood Bike Racks began life as a bicycle retailer with a bike shop in Hollywood. Selling bikes every day to bike customers meant they knew exactly what users wanted and expected from a bike rack. A bike rack needed to be easy to use and a good quality construction that was durable and safe.

They quickly started selling to other bike retailers as their reputation for quality bike racks grew.

They have now been established for nearly 40 years (est. 1973) and they have stuck to their principles of using top quality steel and aero quality fasteners. Their racks have thick powder coatings which give the best protection against the elements and then there is always sufficient padded protection to safeguard loaded up bikes and to prevent any chance of damage to the vehicles transporting them.

A long road to travel

We think a bike rack should give you years of loyal service if it isn’t abused, so if the manufacturer wants to inspire some confidence in their product they should be willing to provide a lifetime warranty.

We call that reasonable, and Hollywood bike racks does just that, and because they give you a lifetime warranty you enjoy peace of mind.

Hollywood Bike Racks do support their HR1400 rack with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Bike Rack Test: Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider

The 7 essential ‘components’ that go into making a good bike rack:

1. Quick and simple to install –
Easy to install quickly, it is flexible, 2 bikes on basic installation plus add the frame for the 3rd & 4th bike, the second section needs a wrench to secure it, but it is simple to do.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
2. Attaches very snugly –
It has a hitch tightening system to make sure the rack is attached snugly without any rattle.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
3. Quick and easy to load and unload bikes –
Very simple to load and unload bikes takes seconds.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
4. Loading system that fits a variety of bike frames and bike sizes –
This platform hitch system where the bikes stand upright in trays and there is a hook to pull down onto the bikes is probably the most flexible for fitting the biggest variety of bike sizes and frames.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
5. Secure 2x locking system –
There is a hitch lock to secure the rack to the vehicle. There is a cable to lock the bikes to the rack which provides good security.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
6. Designed to stop damage –
The bikes stand away from the back of the vehicle and there are gaps between each bike to prevent damage so the design is a good one for safe transportation.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
7. Anti-road vibration technology –
The hitch lock tightening system stops vibration, but of course the additional attachment for bikes 3 and 4 does mean another place for some rattling to occur. All in all though the anti-vibration on this rack is good.
Component Grade 7/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]

The Bike Rack Test Grades – Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider 4-Bike Platform Hitch Rack

Essential components Research includes:
Features; Manufacturer Marketing Literature; Customer comments, Review site, User reviews
Grade – 1 to 10 (Pass is 7)
[1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
1. Easy installation Extensive information available 9
2. Solid Attachment Extensive information available 10
3. Easy bike loading / unloading Extensive information available 10
4. Fits many bike sizes & frames Extensive information available 10
5. Secure 2 locking system Extensive information available 9
6. Damage prevention design Extensive information available 9
7. Anti-vibration technology Extensive information available 7
    Total grade: 64

Passes every component (scored 7 and above). Total grade of 64 out of 70.

It’s nice to know what people think! …

Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack (2″ Receiver) OWNERS & USERS PROS AND CONS

Pros: Cons:
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Bikes are sturdy when transported
  • Great for all shapes and sizes of bikes
  • Works great with thick frames
  • Safe positioning of bikes at the back of the car
  • Bikes never sway into one another
  • Rock solid rack
  • Quick to load and unload bikes
  • The attachment for the 3rd and 4th bikes needs a wrench
  • Heavy

Any Complaints?

We spent time sifting through genuine users reviews and as with anything in life there is always something to complain about. But the good news with this bike rack is that the complaints are more minor niggles and the overwhelming feeling amongst users is that this is a good solid bike rack that offers tremendous flexibility.

However, we need to look at what some of the niggles were and look at their impact for the user.

To begin a few users said the rack was heavy, but also put eloquently by a user “But to be fair, that’s also a bonus – it needs to be heavy duty” and we echo that sentiment. It makes sense to install, uninstall and store in two sections which makes the weight issue far more manageable.

Nearly everyone that had a wide mixture of bikes to load said that it takes a couple of times of loading up to get the hang of different shapes and sizes but once they became familiar then they could securely attach their bikes and thereafter it was straightforward, which is good feedback.

This isn’t a small, neat lightweight rack that is simple to stow-away. On the other hand what it does is transport 4 (all shapes and sizes) bicycles rock solidly, without any chance of damage to your bikes or your vehicle, or it can easily be changed into a 2-bike rack which is definitely good news.

The frame is also rugged, durable and long lasting and hasn’t been faulted in this regard by anyone.

We have researched lots of online ‘genuine user reviews’ with care and taken into account their valuable feedback and ratings are as follows:

***** 5 out of 5 stars from 31 customer user reviews, and you can’t get better than that! This feedback makes it clear that this bike rack is definitely a winner.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

We keep monitoring online pricing for this Hollywood HR1400 bike rack. The best price on the web is just about always Amazon, which is good because we know they are a reliable online seller. Go to Amazon to buy this Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider Platform Hitch Rack, because they offer the most competitive price for you online as well as customer support. Bear in mind because it’s a popular bike rack at such good value, it often does sell out, so if you need a 4 bike (2+2) carrier, don’t miss out if you see they have some in stock.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Hitch Mount Rack?

Get reviews from people who have bought and use the bike rack, read them at Amazon. Click here to read more customer reviews.