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“Read why this is rated the best trunk mounted bike rack on the internet…”

It is great to review a bike rack with such genuinely positive feedback on all levels from owners. The highly rated Saris Bones RS Trunk Mount Rack is designed with user friendly features and built from quality materials. I have carefully and extensively researched this bike rack, and there is plenty to recommend it, so let’s take a good look at the following Saris Bones RS review to get a handle on whether it is really as good as all the hype suggests.

Saris was established in 1974 and is based in Madison, Wisconsin. They tell us their aim is always to build top quality bike racks that are guaranteed to last. Literally because all Saris bike racks are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The Saris Bones RS claims it satisfies ALL of your needs if you want to transport your bike(s) on the back of your car.

They would have us believe that the real genius of this bike rack is in its design…

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Video Overview:

Let’s take a look in more detail…

Getting attached to your bike rack matters!

It’s true that vinyl straps have always been a bother on trunk mounted bike racks. From experience I know they get tangled, dirty and can dangle awkwardly when the rack is being fixed to the car and they swing and scrape on the paintwork.

saris bones rs 3 bike rack

Saris Bones RS 3 Bike Rack

The Bones RS has removed that problem because there are no straps. They have been replaced them with a ratchet system, which includes secure clips, these are rubber coated for good protection, there are steel bands that give a really firm fit to the car and make attaching the rack very quick and easy to lots of different vehicles from sedans to minivans.

Steel bands instead of vinyl straps are quicker to fix and they are more secure, which is a major benefit. Additionally they stay cleaner than vinyl straps and they overcome the dangling, tangled straps issue which is good news.

The whole attachment system makes this particular bike rack easy to swap from vehicle to vehicle.

The result is it’s very easy to fit to the vehicle. After you get familiar with it attaching takes less than a minute and removing takes about 30 seconds.

There are good user friendly features that make this bike rack do a good job.

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Installation Video:

How Much Should I Pay for this Rack?

The price has remained consistent for just about every retailer on the internet and somewhere between $259 and $300. We always check online prices and continue to find the best price at Amazon, this is such a popular product that it keeps selling out so if you check stock on Amazon and it’s at a good price it’s worth ordering now.

Keeping it in the family!

saris locking 8-foot cable

Saris Locking 8-Foot Cable

Worried about getting the rack stolen of the back of your car when you are unloaded and parked up? The good news is that the Bones RS has an integrated locking system that locks it to your car for additional security keeping it safe from theft, giving you peace of mind and your bike rack in the family.

Bike Security

To increase bike security the Saris Locking 8-ft Cable is an optional extra bike lock that is capable of securing 3 bikes to the bike rack and to your car. It is a tough eight foot long 10mm stainless steel braided cable.

Soft and gentle feet are a good thing…

The feet are soft padded contacts that gently sit on the car and provide good protection against any damage to the bodywork.

Getting your bikes loaded!

saris bones rs 3-bike trunk mount bike rackStrong support, no wobbling or banging together of loaded bikes, flexible and secure fixing plus easy loading is what any user needs and expects from their bike rack.

To achieve these goals the Saris has two strong arms to easily support the weight of your three bikes.

The arms have patented SoftTouch ratcheting straps fixed to them. These tough but soft to the touch bike frame grips secure your bikes to the rack. They are pivoting and anti sway grips which makes it easy to firmly secure your bikes. The support arms can be moved nearer or further away from each other to fit almost any type of bike (mountain bike, road bike) and any size from kids’ bikes to adult bikes.

For ladies frames that do not have a top tube, or other speciality frames that don’t, the Saris Bike Beam creates a top tube from the seat tube to the front stem.

saris wheel stabilizer straps

Saris Wheel Stabilizer Straps

I have come across one niggle and it’s this. When the bikes are attached and being transported, there is nothing to stop the front wheels from swinging particularly when it’s windy. There is more than one solution to resolve this, buying Saris Wheel Stabilizer Straps (see image) is one, but the one I particularly like is simply using a small bungee cord to fasten the wheel to the rack. It’s a simple quick fix.

Convenience makes things easier!

It’s worth noting that it is never easy to haul your bikes onto the roof of your vehicle on your own and then fix them securely on top. And then there is the height access issue for roof mounted bikes. This rack is attached to the most convenient place on a car, the back!

Other bike racks that attach to the back of vehicles of course are hitch mounted. Well this rack is equally as secure and stable as a hitch rack but it costs less and you don’t need a hitch receiver attached to your vehicle.

saris bones rs 3-bike trunk mount rack

A bike rack that lasts the trip!

Saris use strong durable materials that last and are engineered to a high standard.

I have mentioned a few times that the build quality and materials used to manufacture this product are strong and durable. Well to prove this point all Saris racks including the Bones RS are supported with a lifetime warranty, which means this bike carrier lasts, and it is manufactured in the USA.

The Saris Bones rack is the biggest selling bike rack in the world and now the Saris Bones RS has taken that product to a new level.

The Bike Rack Test: Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The 7 essential ‘components’ that go into making a good bike rack:

1. Quick and simple to install –
This rack takes under a minute to install onto the back of the vehicle and it is very easy to take it off to fold and stow when not in use.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
2. Attaches very snugly –
The strong ratchet straps ensure a snug fit onto the back of the vehicle. Much better than floppy nylon straps.
Component Grade 8/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
3. Quick and easy to load and unload bikes –
Simple to lift bikes on and off this rack, good soft straps to secure bikes properly and simple to use.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
4. Loading system that fits a variety of bike frames and bike sizes –
Fits a wide variety of bikes, better to use a cross-bar adaptor with bikes that do not have a top tube.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
5. Secure 2x locking system –
The rack has an internal locking system securing the rack to the vehicle. Plus as an optional extra you need to get a security locking cable (Saris offer an 8ft locking cable) to lock the bikes to the rack.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
6. Designed to stop damage –
The bikes are attached with soft straps and anti-sway straps to avoid banging into one another. However, you should get Saris’ wheel stabilizer straps or hook and loop velcro soft wraps to stabilize the front wheel to the frame.
Component Grade 8/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
7. Anti-road vibration technology –
Good soft rubberized straps, rubberized feet, ratchet locking and anti-sway technology deals well with road vibration.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]

The Bike Rack Test Grades – Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Essential components Research includes:
Features; Manufacturer Marketing Literature; Customer comments, Review site, User reviews
Grade – 1 to 10 (Pass is 7)
[1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
1. Easy installation Extensive information available 9
2. Solid Attachment Extensive information available 8
3. Easy bike loading / unloading Extensive information available 9
4. Fits many bike sizes & frames Extensive information available 9
5. Secure 2 locking system Extensive information available 9
6. Damage prevention design Extensive information available 8
7. Anti-vibration technology Extensive information available 9
    Total grade: 61

Passes every component (scored 7 and above). Total grade of 61 out of 70.

It’s nice to know what people think! …

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Pros: Cons:
  • Very easy to install
  • Stable, keeps the bikes secure
  • Durable and stable bike rack
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible to attach to any kind of vehicle
  • Integrated lock system improves bike security
  • Ratchet system avoids awkward straps
  • Need to secure front wheel from swinging

Any Complaints?

Not really, a few people have suggested the bike rack is pretty heavy, but let’s face it if you want to carry 3 bikes you better have a frame that is sturdy enough to handle the weight with ease. You don’t want any mishaps when you’re whizzing down the highway.

Apart from that the only slight criticism is neither the front wheel nor handlebars of a loaded bike is secured on the rack so the front wheel can swing around in the wind. Saris offer front wheel stabilizer straps but they are an optional extra, a bungee cord does the job just as well.

We have researched genuine online reviews and found the following rating:

***** 4.7 out of 5 stars from 93 reviews, which is impressive customer feedback.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

We continue to check out what the price is regularly for this bike rack and by far the best price has always been Amazon. You can buy this Saris Bones RS Bike Rack on Amazon. Because they are usually the cheapest, it often sells out, so if this is the bike rack for you don’t delay if you see they have some available in stock.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Click here to read more customer reviews.