“Most highly rated spare tire mount bike rack currently available on the internet”

Customer feedback has been more crucial than normal in deciding that the Surco is the best online rack. There isn’t a great deal of information out there about this rack apart from a mass of loyal owners. We haven’t had the opportunity to test it, but having said that, there is no doubt that the Surco BT300 is a popular bike rack with SUV owners and has much to recommend it.

So let’s take a look at this spare tire mount rack in greater detail.

Getting attached!

It carries 3 bikes with ease, which isn’t a surprise when you realize that heavy duty steel mounting hardwear is tightly bolted behind the spare tire and acts as a rock solid base for the bike rack arm to bolt to. There is no wobble or rattle the rack is solid.

The good news about the way the bike frame support arm is attached means it is very quick and easy to attached or detach it from the mounting hardwear by simply screwing or unscrewing it. And when the rack is not being used, it can easily be removed, but the mounting hardwear still stays in place and then the tire cover can be put back over the tire. A good design feature when the weather turns bad.

surco bt300 3-bike spare tire bike rack support

Solid support!

The bike support arm holds the bikes in place safely and securely. They are gripped in a padded channel to avoid scratching bike frames and the top plate screws down onto the frames and clamps them securely in place. It isn’t as quick a process as Velcro straps, because the two bolts that screw down are fairly long, however, the advantage is once they are clamped down there is a real sense of security with this system.

surco bt300 3-bike spare tire bike rack securityThe top plate has an internal key lock to keep the loaded bikes safe from theft.

The rack can also be locked to your car with a strong padlock (not supplied) for even greater security.

A flexible ride…

It takes almost any size and shape of bicycle. To fit ladies bikes without a top tube or fit bikes with unusually large top tubes simply fit a cross-bar adaptor tube.

The Surco BT300 rack even when loaded up with 3 bikes allows the tailgate to open freely to get access in and out of the back of your vehicle.

It is manufactured from heavy duty steel so it is very rugged and long lasting and it is finished with a durable black powder coating to prevent corrosion and extend its life.

The rack weighs 18lbs.

NOTE: The Surco BT300 doesn’t fit the Toyota RAV4 2006 Model Year and newer models. Although some Rav4 owners have modified the mounting plate themselves by taking a hacksaw to it and to make it fit!

Who is Surco bike racks?

Surco Products Inc. is a US autos accessory manufacturer and has been in business since 1971 manufacturing in the USA concentrating on high quality, durable and innovative automobile accessories.

Surco tells us they take pride in controlling their manufacturing process from start to finish so they can ensure the quality level is always up to their own demanding standards.

The Bike Rack Test: Surco BT300 Spare Tire Bike Rack

The 7 essential ‘components’ that go into making a good bike rack:

1. Quick and simple to install –
Reasonably easy to install, need to remove the spare tire, but once the back plate has been installed it can remain in place so there’s no need to keep installing and uninstalling.
Component Grade 7/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
2. Attaches very snugly –
Extremely strong attachment to your vehicle that is rock solid without a hint of rattle.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
3. Quick and easy to load and unload bikes –
Very simple to load the bikes onto and off, there is no confusion and no chance of making mistakes. Need a cross-bar adaptor to do a good job if there is no top tube. The only drawback is the time it takes to screw down the long top bolt that secures the top plate. It results in a good stable attachment but takes a minute or so.
Component Grade 8/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
4. Loading system that fits a variety of bike frames and bike sizes –
Fits a wide variety of bikes, but you do need to use a cross-bar adaptor with bikes that do not have a top tube, this is a low price accessory.
Component Grade 7/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
5. Secure 2x locking system –
The rack can be padlocked to the vehicle but you have to provide the padlock, but that means it can be very secure if you get a good one. The top plate has an internal lock which locks the bikes to the rack for really good security.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
6. Designed to stop damage –
There is no rack wobble and the bikes are spaced out, however it makes sense to get hook and loop velcro soft wraps to stabilize the front wheel to the frame to prevent bikes wheels twisting into one another.
Component Grade 9/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
7. Anti-road vibration technology –
The rack is rock solid and there is no rattle to the rack. The frames are clamped down into the cradles with a substantial top plate which all goes to prevent road vibration causing anything to work itself loose.
Component Grade 10/10 [1 to 10 (Pass grade is 7) 1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]

The Bike Rack Test Grades – Surco BT300 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack

Essential components Research includes:
Features; Manufacturer Marketing Literature; Customer comments, Review site, User reviews
Grade – 1 to 10 (Pass is 7)
[1-very bad, 3-bad, 5-average, 6-okay, 7-good, 9-very good, 10-excellent]
1. Easy installation Extensive information available 7
2. Solid Attachment Extensive information available 10
3. Easy bike loading / unloading Extensive information available 8
4. Fits many bike sizes & frames Extensive information available 7
5. Secure 2 locking system Extensive information available 10
6. Damage prevention design Extensive information available 9
7. Anti-vibration technology Extensive information available 10
    Total grade: 61

Passes every component (scored 7 and above). Total grade of 61 out of 70.

It’s nice to know what people think! …

Surco BT300 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack

Pros: Cons:
  • Solid and secure
  • Good locking security
  • Can open the tailgate
  • Easy to remove bike rack
  • Can leave mounting plate fixed and put tire cover on
  • Fits 3 full size mountain bikes – just!
  • No rack wobble at all
  • Doesn’t fit Rav4 2006 MY and newer
  • Takes a while to screw down the 2 long bolts that secures the bikes

Any Complaints?

Having spent a great deal of time sifting through customers’ user feedback there are a couple of concerns that crop up quite a bit.

First, there are two bolts that screw the top plate down onto the bike frames to secure bikes to the rack. These bolts are long and take a bit of time to screw down. There isn’t a fix for this we’re afraid, but the good news is that once they are screwed down the bikes do feel safe and secure in the rack.

Second, time and again people have complained that the rack doesn’t fit their Rav4 if it is a 2006 model or newer. They have returned it to the seller and replaced it with the Hollywood spare tire rack to overcome the problem.

However, depending upon how adventurous you are, it is possible to take a hacksaw to the base plate and saw off a corner and then the plate will fix to the Rav4. The mounting plate is then bolted behind the spare tire with 3 bolts instead of 4. We are assured that this works fine, but it does seem rather a draconian work-around!

In all other cases the feedback is great regarding this bike rack and it certainly comes out rated as the best spare tire mount bike rack on the internet and it is very good value.

***** Average 4.2 out of 5 stars from 44 online customer user reviews, which is good user feedback and support’s it as the best rated spare tire mount bike rack on the web.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

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Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Surco BT300 Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack?

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