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Saris Bike Racks - Bones RS Review

Saris Cycling Group goes back to 1973, when they designed their first Saris bike rack. The company was sold in 1989 and the brand as we now know it was established in 1992.

The Wisconsin based company boasts a business of committed product professionals, innovative technicians, imaginative designers, and diligent employees, Saris Bike Racks keeps its customers using the most innovative of bike rack design.

Proof of that is demonstrated by the forward looking Saris Bones rack built from robust, 100 percent recyclable plastic material, the Bones bike rack may be the strongest bike rack available on the market, the arms and legs are injection-molded and won’t ever rust.

All Saris bike racks are supported by a lifetime warranty.

Saris Bike Racks Philosophy

Saris project a commitment to advance art and science in their rack system design. There philosophy says that a bike rack ought to be more than merely a vehicle to transport your bicycle. It ought to enhance your whole biking experience.

Simple to load and easy to use

Because they are close to the ground Saris racks are much easier to load than roof-mounted racks. To make simpler loading they add new technology to their racks, such as ratchet straps, adjustable arms and legs for different sizes of bicycles loaded on the same rack.

Installation of a Saris rack is always easy, they mount quickly to all types of vehicles, and even spoilers don’t create a problem.

And when they are fitted they stick like glue!

Your bike, as well as your car, is generally amongst your most highly valued possessions. A Saris Bike Rack looks after both of them. Soft padded rubber keeps cycles in position whilst safe anti-sway straps prevent them banging into one another, even at high speeds.

Each contact location between your car and Saris bike rack is protected with soft, durable material such as rubber-coated clips and custom made soft foam padded arms and legs and safe rubber foot pads. The bike rack is always safe and secure as well as snugly fitted to your vehicle, always leaving it scratch free.

Saris Bike Racks has a deservedly good reputation for making some exceptional racks, particularly the Saris Bones bike rack and it has been awarded one of our Top Picks.

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