We use ‘The Bike Rack Test‘ to give all the spare tire bike racks on our site a grade based on 7 essential components and that helps us to rate each one objectively. Then they can be compared against each other in a meaningful way. You can check out some market leading spare tire mount racks listed at the bottom of this page and find out how they rate in the bike rack test.

spare tire bike rack reviews

But first let’s take a look at how a spare tire mount bike rack works.

There are two types of spare tire rack and they are attached to the external spare tire at the back of the vehicle in different ways.

The first type uses a centre bolt that fits through the centre of the spare wheel attached to a back plate behind the wheel.

This is a very strong attachment system and has the added benefit of being able to be safely left in place even when the bike rack frame is removed, which saves time installing and uninstalling the rack.

The bike rack doesn’t touch the bodywork anywhere which reduces the chance of marks or scratches.

The second type is a frame that hooks over the top of the spare tire and secured in place with straps.

The straps are clamped to the vehicle with hooks so they need to be good quality and rubberized to stop marks to the edge of the tailgate or bumper.

As with all strap systems it is important that they are made from good quality materials and well designed to make sure the tension is secure and maintained while driving over all types of road surfaces, otherwise vibration will work straps loose and that needs to be avoided!

A spare tire rack doesn’t impede access into the back of the vehicle even when the bikes are loaded. The rear door can still be opened which is good news.

spare tire bike rack

Because the rack is installed at the back loading and unloading of your bikes should be straightforward, you don’t have to haul bikes above your head, which makes things easier.

Usually bike frames sit on 1 or 2 support arms in cradles and hang. That means they are likely to sway unless the design has anti-sway features. If bikes are left to sway they can bang into each other and cause some damage, so care should be taken to stop this happening. Refer to the bike reviews below.

All of the spare tire mount bike rack’s pros and cons, plus their bike rack test ratings and also lots of genuine online user feedback are examined in great depth and analyzed for each spare tire bike rack listed below. We keep adding spare tire bike rack reviews to our list on an ongoing basis.

The main focus for our best bike rack review site is to provide you with enough information on every bike rack we review so that you can make an informed decision about each one before you buy.

It has up until now been pretty difficult to objectively compare different bike racks against one another and be confident enough to make the right choice for you. We introduced The Bike Rack Test to let you grade each rack you are looking at which results in a better way of comparing. The result for you is a tool to pick out the best bike rack for your needs.

Our spare tire mount bike rack reviews are always unbiased, they are packed with useful information and each rack is graded according to 7 essential components.

Our list of bike rack reviews continues to grow, so keep this page bookmarked.

Spare Tire Bike Rack Reviews
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The Bike Rack Test – Total Grade: 40/70
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Surco BT300 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack   *Top Pick*
Surco BT300 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack Review
The Bike Rack Test – Total Grade: 61/70
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